Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The return from my reaaally long break

I was planning on abandoning this blog forever. Looking back at my old posts, though...I realized that writing my thoughts down really brought some organization into my seemingly chaotic and never-ending tasks.

Today was my first day off in over 2 weeks...meaning no school, no work...just the panic of having a bunch of assignments to complete for the last month of school. This week, I have to work 5 days/35 hours (I'm sure this is payback for taking 9 days off...which really weren't "days off"). On top of that, I have school and I have a little commentary I have to do for the Gateway about what the best and worst shows are, IMO, for November Sweeps (I realize now I shouldn't have offered to do this since I watch next to no primetime TV other than the Amazing Race)...at this point, I wanna go into a little corner and sob hysterically...but somehow, I deal.

I have a psych test I need to do for my last neuropsychology assignment and I managed to get some friends to volunteer. Unfortunately, instead of doing one big group session (which I was hoping to do), I have to do individual tests...woohoo.

I also have a paper for my writing class. The topic's interesting (should women in western democracies be allowed to wear a veil?) and originally, I sided with the Muslim women but reading through so many arguments over a span of 3 hours on a Thursday night, I came to the conclusion that both sides just love to make each other look bad that I feel no urge to side with either. I've gotten about 450 out of 1000 words done. I'll probably write way past 1000 and have a blast trying to cut it down.

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