Friday, July 15, 2005

My summer so far...

Basically I went jobhunting and worked at Timmy's up until yesterday (no, didn't quit yet although I'm seriously considering sucks when you hate your working condition but get along really well with your coworkers) when I went to West Ed. It was a blast.

Me and Debbie celebrated her birthday a month early (since I'll be off to NJ by then). We pigged out at Death by Chocolate and had our nails done. Totally worth it in the end but sitting for an hour and a half got agonizing after a while..I don't know how those nails people do it. The nails took the majority of our time..4 hours. The lady that did my nails agreed that it was a ripoff that we only get 10% off sandwiches at Tim Hortons and when I told her that we eat our mistakes, she laughed so hard. The lady that did Debbie's nails looked like she was in her early 20s but she said how she thought having a kid at 27 is pretty young but she has a 7 year old daughter! So she must be in her early to mid 30s...she looks soo young! We all got into a conversation about what age women have their kids now and how bad it'd be to have a parent old enough to be your grandparent. It was funny, she was like "I hate it when women in their 30s look like their in their 40s" and then we somehow got talking about kids learning fashions from their parents and friends and she said "My daughter isn't gonna be one of those kids (the geeky ones with no sense of fashion)...I'm not the type of parent who takes their kids to Northern Reflections". Best quote of the day...LOL. What a diss.

Also went to Earls for the first time yesterday. It's funny how Boston Pizza IDs you but Earls doesn't.

And I got my ear pierced...again. I just got second piercings last week. I was seriously freaking out over the potential of pain but it didn't hurt too badly. I'm surprised my mom didn't freak. Well, she screamed "You got your ears pierced again???" and then moved on..haha.

Today, I went over to Zellers to go over my job offer. It's weird how you get 10% off things like digital cameras but not food items outside the restaurant (which is 60%...waaay more than Timmy's 10%). And apparently, you can't get a discount on paper products. What exactly is a paper product? Books? Magazines? Stationary? Normal looseleaf paper? Cards? Wrapping?....Toilet paper??? That's a quarter of the freaking store!

But yeah...can't wait until summer really starts when I go to NJ. No work and all play.


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