Thursday, November 16, 2006

The things you discover on Myspace

So yes, I do have a MySpace account although I don't use it to the extent some people do...

Anyway, I was curious to see who from my high school had an account (although I haven't listed my school myself) and I saw this girl I recognized. She happened to have a blog stating how she already had her two nipples pierced and how she's looking to get another piercing or tattoo done and that she was open to suggestions. To any random person, this might not seem like a big deal but having seen this girl in high school, I would have never have guessed she'd do something like that! Like..NEVER! My sister happened to be on msn the same time I was when I discovered this and when I told her, she had an "OMG!" reaction as well - so it's not just me!

Aside from the fact that this girl, at first glace, doesn't seem at all like the type who goes for body modification, why do people feel the need to reveal this kind of stuff on myspace? If you get your d^$k pierced...greeaat..but why does everyone have to know? Do you want to implant a picture of yourself naked with said body part tattooed or pierced in the reader's mind? In that case, I don't know whether to applaud your confidence or cringe at the narcissism.

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