Sunday, May 15, 2005

Being a baker at Timmy's sucks

Well, yesterday I did get trained for baking. Making the donuts and stuff is good and everything but half the job is cleaning. But that's not even the worse part. The worse part is filling all the dips. That stuff is friggin' hard! I felt like I was getting a workout doing just that. I asked Laura, "Is there an easier way to transfer these???" She gave me this "You-should-know" look and said "Your hands!!!" Like WTF? Talk about messy and a waste of good dip! But I ended up doing just that since it was less painful. Looks like I'm gonna be baking for both my 2 shifts this coming week. Ughh!!

Today, I had a piano recital and honestly, me and my sister must both be cursed cause we BOTH stopped at one point of our performances and had to give 3 to 4 tries before being able to continue. *Sigh* least I got my piece memorized. I'm just jealous of all those other people who seem to have performed all their lives. Some of them did not look stressed at all! There was this one girl who kept moving around during her performance...I joked later that she must have been high. Haha..

Heading to the university early tomorrow to try and sell my Math and Chem books back with Annie (she BETTER remember!) since I'm never taking those courses ever again. I will look back and think of Math and Chem as a complete waste of time that I was VERY lucky to have passed.

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