Monday, April 30, 2007

I dunno but I'm kinda digging the new ATWT opening...

New ATWT opening

...and dare I say that it's actually better than the show right now?

I don't understand what people are harping about in regards to the music. I think it's gold. It totally bulldozes the awfulness that was in the previous opening. The new sound has a classic, old-time feel to it and it ends on a really nice note.

The folks in the forefront look a little cut-and-paste and some of the people they decided to put in shots together lead to some questions. They've made Alison & Luke and Brad & Meg look like romantic interests when the former have never had a scene together if I recall correctly (not to mention that Luke is gay) and the latter are cousins (unlike Guiding Light, I highly doubt that As the World Turns will 'go there'). Nevertheless, I think the format is nice.

The new opening also made me laugh out loud at the 25-second mark where Brad (played by Austin Peck - some might recognize him as Austin from Days of Our Lives) looks like a deer caught in headlights. Hahaha! I can't believe the opening makers actually decided to keep that shot. Still, it isn't enough to make this new opening any worse than the old one which should win an award for Worst Cut-and-Paste Job Ever in an Opening Sequence.

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