Friday, January 12, 2007

Winter, go away

To travel in a snowstorm sucks but to work during one...not so much.

So yesterday (err..2 days ago), I was running late for school - I decided to drive to Southgate and then hop on a bus headed to the university. Bad idea.

There was what looked like a blanket of death shadowing the entire Whitemud freeway. The worst part of the Whitemud in such a snowstorm isn't even the Whitemud itself but just trying to enter it. There happened to be an accident by the intersection I was trying to make a turn in to get into the Whitemud so I was stuck on this one street for 15 minutes.

Eventually, I get on the Whitemud and I can't even see the car ahead of me. Just its taillights. Yes...I feel totally safe driving in this condition. Anyway, I made it alive to Southgate, hopped on a bus and ended up being half an hour late for French.

Two and a half hours later, I'm done classes and waiting for the bus to head over back to Southgate. The road by SUB loves to make people slip. The scariest being when this guy riding a bike by this bus suddenly slipped and fell off just when the bus was no where near being able to stop. The biker was only half a ruler length away from being run over. Even the bus driver admitted that if the guy hadn't gotten back up when he did, he would have ran him over. So lesson here is: don't ride a bike when the roads are made out of icy snow much less, in that said condition beside a motor vehicle!

Unfortunately, I had my own little scare on the way home. I almost got into an accident when I couldn't stop at a red light and this other van was turning. I was literally 2 seconds away from crashing into it. Fortunately, that's when I managed to stop and back up. No doubt, that moment was just as frightening, if not more, than seeing a biker almost get run over.

It was completely dead at work today. My boss gave me and my coworker a bunch of stuff to do which was good. After my boss left, there were probably only 4 or 5 people who bought something.

Thank God for being able to bring our own music to work (no more Christmas music!). I managed to get my coworker into Pilate and Hawksley Workman. We also had a long talk about music. I always got the impression that she only listened to hip hop and r&b so it was kinda interesting to discover that she grew up listening to rock music. We happened to have both gone to certain shows such as Our Lady Peace (back in gr. 11 and which we agreed, rocked) and Sum 41 (same year, she loved it while I thought it was one of the worst concerts I had ever been to). What's even more bizarre is when I found out we shared the same birthday! She's only 3 hours older than me. Coincidence like that just never ceases to amaze me.

Anyway, work was so dead we ended up copying Quiznos and closing 2 hours early. Probably one of the few (but more than welcome) blessings a snowstorm brings.

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